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2Man Game Studio was founded in April of 2016 by Keith Shingle and Andreo Palacol. Upon meeting each other, the two realized that they shared a common desire to create quality interactive experiences and possessed complementary skill sets. Keith was a talented game developer that could bring any idea to life while Andreo was an experienced businessman capable of developing a successful company from the ground up; together, their skills and experience formed a well-rounded partnership.

Now, their small Independent Game Development Studio is fully devoted to creating innovative, emotionally driven video games for people around the world to enjoy. 


The Team Members

Keith Shingle Picture

Keith Shingle

Keith is the Creative Half of 2Man Game Studio. Knowing that he wanted to devote his life to making video games, Keith started his education in Game Design at Full Sail University at the age of 17; after graduating as valedictorian a few years later, he set out to start the next step in his career. That step would just so happen to be co-founding this very studio.

Keith is responsible for developing the team's projects in their entirety. As a Game Director, he also guides the collaborators that are brought on to assist with certain projects, ensuring their work is in line with that particular game's vision.

Andreo Palacol Picture

Andreo Palacol

Andreo is the Business Half of 2Man Game Studio. Along with being a successful educator for many years, Andreo had aspirations of running a thriving business within a technology-based industry. After venturing down various avenues, but never feeling quite satisfied, Andreo decided to switch his focus to something he'd never considered before: video games. Upon meeting a newly graduated and eager game developer to partner with, his mind was made and 2Man Game Studio was formed

Andreo is the team's Producer, managing the business aspects of the company. He ensures that the company stays afloat financially, finds new collaborators to work with, and helps with marketing the studio's projects.

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