Four Stories Below

A Psychological Thriller-adventure Game

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Experience a new Take on The Adventure Game Genre

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Upon being abducted and waking up in a building four stories underground, Brie Snyder must find a way to escape her newly found hell. With only two hours remaining before her captors return, she begins to ascend towards freedom when she discovers that she isn’t the only one trapped in the facility.

Played completely in real-time, you step into the role of Brie and must decide what you’re going to accomplish with those two hours: save four innocent victims or save yourself.

  • Semi-open world environment for you to explore and escape
  • Stealth-based gameplay that tasks you to use your inventory of tools and the world around you to avoid detection
  • Narrative that adapts to your choices and the information you discover
  • Numerous possible endings that determine the fate of each character